ModDotz “Marshmallow Matte” tile

Tiles are perfect for the bathroom because they are not affected by water and the bathroom is a room with a lot of water. People have used tiles for centuries, ever since the Romans have conquered half the world and spread their knowledge everywhere. Well, they taught us that tiles are perfect for pools and bathrooms. But it is a bit tricky to have tiles on the floor when you have a kid in your arms and take them out of the bathtub where they want to stay and play. So be careful because it may be slippery. So it would be a good idea to find some non-slippery tiles for your bathroom. And this ModDotz “Marshmallow Matte” tile is perfect.

This tile has a funny look – like it was covered with lots of tiny marshmallows. Besides this funny appearance, it also prevents you from slipping because the “marshmallows” have a matte finish and are all “bumpy” and keep your feet on the floor. This tile is perfect for wet rooms and places like kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools , spas and even around the fireplace. Any way, the simple design and the retro style make it perfect for any kind of home and you will love having it in your house. You can purchase a package of 20 pieces for just $9.95.

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