Mirage Recessed Medicine Cabinet

I don’t know why, but most people I know keep their medicine in the bathroom cabinet. It might be the location that seems too unimportant or the fact that this cabinet is more difficult to get to if you are a kid, since you have to get over the bathroom sink and mount the wall until reaching the cabinet door. Any way, you can certainly find medicine and all kinds of cosmetics on the shelves of any bathroom cabinet. That’s what makes them so useful. Well, if you want to be very practical and save some space in your bathroom, you could choose a nice-looking cabinet that also has a mirror on the front door. How about that? It is a very good camouflage and also a space-saver!

This cabinet is looking great, with the front part made of a frameless mirror and having an octagonal shape. The cabinet is made of steel and has a durable rust-resistant finish. The three shelves inside the cabinet are also made of steel and you can adjust them as you think fit. You will find more details about this product and also the phone number where you can place the order on the manufacturer’s web page.

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