Mat walk – bathroom mat by Paolo Ulian

I have my daily shower in the morning, when the tiling on my bathroom floor is reall cold and what i hate most about it is the fact that my feet freeze instantly the moment I come out of the shower. Of course, I could bring in my slippers, but they get wet in the process , so I had to give up to using them. I also hate the fact that my feet are wet and I slip on the floor, risking to have my neck broken or something similar. And no, I am not exaggerating, as most accidents happen in the house (wasn’t it a commercial that said that?).

But apparently my problems are gone since Paolo Ulian invented the “mat walk”. This bathroom mat is made of fluffy cotton fabric that looks like a mat, but has a pair of slippers incorporated. So when you get out of the shower or bath, you simply walk on the mat and put the attached slippers on, feeling comfortable and staying dry. You can walk with it carefully on the tiles without risking to slip on them and you will feel warm. It’s something so easy and useful that you wonder how come YOU never thought about inventing it before? If you are as delighted as me you can purchase one now for 34.50 pounds from Groog.

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