Marimekko Bo Boo Shower Curtain

Boys will be boys and they will always love toys, especially toy cars. They will make a toy car out of any box and they will imitate the sound of cars when going in the street, in the house or in the garden, in the playground and especially in the bathtub where they feel so fine and relaxed that they start playing. This Marimekko Bo Boo Shower Curtain  is perfect for your little boy’s bathroom thanks to the colourful design and the nice pattern with cars. The shower curtain is the product of Marimekko, a very well-known Finnish company that manufactures different products made in a modern design.

Well, sometimes things have to move on from the traditional and regular, so the Finnish guys from Marimekko decided to collaborate with some Japanese designers and you can see the result in front of you. The designer who made this is Katsuji Wakisaka and his name apparently meant something back in the 1970s. Like most shower curtains, this too is made of 100% Polyester, which makes it perfect for a wet environment. You can safely wash it in the washing machine and it is the perfect size for your shower (79″ H x 71″ W (200 x 180 cm)). The item can be purchased for $69 from Finnstyle.

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