Mandala Bath Rug

No matter how nice a bathroom is and if it is summer outside, I still like to place my feet on a soft rug when I am in the bathroom because the tiles feel too cold in the morning. And if the bathroom rug has a nice and merry colour and pattern the result will be my immediate happiness and good mood, which is the perfect way to start a day. This Mandala bath rug is perfect for a young bathroom , for those who want to enjoy life with a smile  on their faces.

This rug is available in two colours: Saffron orange combined with lime green, light blue, red, warm pink and dark blue rings and black as the base colour combined with grey, white, dark grey rings. The material of choice for this bathroom rug is polyacrylic yarn which is very resistant and looks very nice, too. It is a good thing that it washes easily in the washing machine and is mildew proof. It keeps the warms in and feels very soft for the feet and it is entirely designed and produced in Germany, which advertizes it as having high quality. The price varies between $49.99 and $114.99 depending on size and model.

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