Making Your Shower More Soothing With A Kohler Shower Heads

If you’re looking for a showerhead, it can’t get much better than Kohler. Well known for their quality and design, Kohler showerheads are synonymous with luxurious bathrooms. While the Kohler showerhead may have started out as colored fiberglass-reinforced plastic, it soon transitioned into something functional yet strikingly modern. Kohler has continuously innovated, and new materials have been introduced to continue to provide customers with exceptional design.

If you’re getting a Kohler showerhead, you could be overwhelmed with the number of options out there. To help, we’ve gone ahead and provided details of 14 of some of the best Kohler showerheads in the market that’ll hopefully help you with making your decision.

This single-function showerhead will bring a touch of style to your bathroom with cutting-edge technology. The unique Katalyst feature will intensify the water flow for a completely indulgent shower experience unlike any other. The newly designed nozzle pattern, unique internal waterway design, and air-induction system will also help with maximizing every single water drop and creating a more intense flow of water for the ultimate shower. There’s also two liters of air that are infused per minute to deliver a powerful spray that’ll cling to the body with fuller water drops.

This single-function showerhead brings innovation to your bathroom with Kohler’s technology. The flow of water is more intense to provide a relaxing experience, and the brand new nozzle pattern and waterway design help with maximizing every water drop for a heightened shower sensory experience. The MasterClean spray nozzle also helps in prohibiting mineral build-up for easy cleaning.

Awaken the senses with an invigorating shower. There’s nothing quite like the freshness brought about from this showerhead with its rain head that can be installed on a wall or ceiling mount shower arm. It also comes with a swivel joint that allows for precise placement of the spray. The angled nozzles provide a full-coverage spray and will deliver a drenching experience.

Ever wanted the perfect shower spray? Now you can with this multi-function handheld shower head that delivers water at the touch of a button. It has a sleek, contemporary look that’ll allow you to easily transition from full coverage to targeted massage sprays. There’s also Kohler’s Katalyst technology for a relaxing shower experience with the air induction creating large, full drops of water. The ergonomic design is also both comfortable and easy to grip.

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This two-toned handheld showerhead has a contemporary design that’ll fit perfectly into any bathroom. There are two different spray options to give you a personalized experience. Choose from a full coverage setting or opt to focus on specific areas instead. Those that have used this product have given it rave reviews and mentioned that it’s well-constructed and works well.

For an indulgent shower experience, this rain head has it all. Not only does it feature Kohler’s special Katalyst air-induction technology, but it also has a chic look that’ll coordinate with the other accessories in your bathroom. The air-induction technology will help in combining air and water to produce large water droplets that’ll deliver a powerful overhead shower experience. You’re also able to adjust the water flow, and the rain head comes with a durable finish.

If you ever wanted an all-in-one kit, this is it. It comes with a multifunction hand shower, a slide bar, and even a smooth hose. There are four distinct sprays within the shower for specific needs from wide coverage to targeted massage, intense drenching, and more. The ergonomic design means that you can easily flip to your preferred spray, and the spray face is artfully designed to complement all sorts of baths from contemporary to minimalist.

If you’ve always appreciated showerheads that feel like you’re getting a massage, you’ll love the 4-way massage handheld showerhead. It has a total of four distinct sprays that’ll provide you with everything you need. Pick from the all-encompassing spray to an invigorating massage that’ll help in easing any knots or sore muscles. There’s also a gentle-aerated spray and another one that helps in conserving water. This showerhead also has clean lines that’ll bring contemporary style to your bathroom.

For a technologically advanced showerhead, Moxie’s got it all. You can stream your favorite music, news, and radio channel right in the shower with the portable speaker that pairs wirelessly with any device that’s Bluetooth-enabled. Since the speaker docks directly into your rainhead, you’re guaranteed to have high-quality audio. Along with playing your favorite tunes, there’s also air-induction spray technology integrated within the showerhead for a luxurious experience.

This unique ceiling showering panel has a total of four spray heads for the ultimate experience. Each of the square spray heads is adjustable and can be pivoted to distribute a relaxing shower of water. All instructions are provided for easy installation, and you’ll feel completely refreshed after taking a shower under this overhead showering panel that feels like a gentle summer’s rain.

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This functional handheld shower head from Kohler comes with all the features you need. The single-function hand shower delivers a full, consistent spray regardless of the water pressure selected. This showerhead also has Kohler’s air-induction technology that seamlessly blends together air and water for a powerful, even flow of water. The ergonomic spray head means that it’s easy to hold, and you can pivot it for precise adjustment and to target certain areas with the hydromassage.

Another Moxie showerhead on the list, you can also stream your favorite music on this particular showerhead as it pairs with Bluetooth devices. This particular showerhead has a minimalist white design and will generate a full-coverage spray of water for a sensory experience unlike any other. The showerhead is easy to install, and it’s garnered plenty of raving reviews due to its great water flow and great sound quality.

This sleek minimalist black showerhead is both innovative and gorgeously designed. All you need to do is press the button and you’ll be able to transition between the different types of massage sprays from something more targeted to something all-encompassing. The Katalyst technology ensures that you’ll have a great showering experience, and the powerful spray of water will have you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

This particular showerhead comes in a stunning gold color and helps with conserving water without sacrificing any comfort. It’s certified to meet any conditions for water efficiency but will still provide you with an enjoyable showering experience – which is rare. There’s everything you need from a wide coverage spray to something that’s gentler. If you’re looking to target sore areas of your body, the concentrated steam will deliver a more intense flow of water, while the medium coverage spray is something more in-between. Either way, you’re sure to love this handheld showerhead that delivers the perfect balance between water efficiency, and comfort.



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