Luxury Marble Bathtubs

I have always enjoyed historical films where i could see what happened in the past, how our ancestors were living and what they were doing during those times. Well, I was fascinated by the Romans’ history and civilization, by their amazing and luxurious public baths that were made of marble and stone. And they were among the first ones to use hot water in these baths and … a lot of other innovations they used and spread throughout their Empire. And if in the past this privilege only belonged to the wealthy ones, well – today all of us can have our bath, but not all of us can afford one made of marble or granite.

These bathtubs are really expensive and that is why they are so rare. But their price is understandable considering the fact that they are sculpted by hand in a huge block of marble until you have the desired size and shape. Many of these bathtubs are afterwards decorated with amazingly beautiful carvings just like they used to be in the past, during the Roman Empire.

But, no matter if they are mo0dern and rectangular, round, oval shaped and full of carvings, suspended or not, they are still very beautiful because this material – the marble stone – offers style and grace to every bathroom and it gets warm and nice when heated by hot water, this being an unforgettable experience in itself. You can now order your favourite model of marble bathtub directly in the online shop, starting with the offer of the month, somewhere around the price of $2,650.

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