Lugarno Tabletop Mirror

Normally mirrors are fixed on the wall and allow you to see your own reflection, so they are conveniently placed at the optimum height that is the same height with your head. Any way , this hasn’t always been the case because in the past people preferred table mirrors. They had beautiful mirrors with nice handles and supports that stand on the side table or even in the bathroom, where the ladies of the time went to make themselves pretty. This Lugarno Tabletop Mirror  is a modern mirror, but its designer keeps the old habits and made it especially for standing ont he tabletop.

Apparently this model of mirrors were present in the bathroom of the first hotels in Europe. They look great and shiny, with the nickel frame and support. They are made of solid, non-corosive drop brass and this combination seems to be very nice-looking, as this mirror design catches your eyes at first sight.

The mirror you can see in the picture is double sided, so you can use it on both sides, as it has the same design and shows the reflection in the same way, being able to magnify all the details of your face up to four times. This way it is perfect for women make up, for detecting all the i,imperfections and removing them. The item can now be purchased for $175 from Restoration Hardware.

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