Limited edition carbon fiber bathtub

Carbon fiber is a material usually used in cars. That’s what makes them so light but still so strong and durable. Recently, designers have tried to incorporate the same material into furniture. One of the most impressive creations is the Corpo Celeste bathtub. Th most unusual thing about this bathtub is that it’s made from carbon fiber. This means it’s ready to last for generations to come.

carbon fiber bathtub

The bathtub is part of a limited edition collection that only produces 51 pieces worldwide. The process of creating the full carbon fiber bathtub lasts 7 months and it’s not an easy one. It involves high technical prowess with pure carbon as the starting material the carbon is then turned into fine fibers with a diameter of 0.003 to 0.005 mm (3-5 micron) using a special technique. The final product is extremely durable, light and resistant to chemicals and harsh temperatures.

carbon fiber bathtub

carbon fiber bathtub

The bathtub is finished with with a surface coating found in luxury cars that only makes it look better and better. Each bathtub is handmade with extreme precision and carries an individual authenticity certificate.

carbon fiber bathtub

 The tub is 2,43m long, 1,23m wide und 0,64m tall, and has a 330 litres capacity. The design is still in the first phase and there are no details related to the price yet. Hopefully there will be more than just 51 such pieces.{found on corcel}

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