Lilac Bathroom Sets by Aquaplus

The new Lilac Bathroom Sets by Aquaplus are romantic and luxurious. These feminine suites include a pink collection of “girly” bathroom fixtures. Clean, contemporary lines complement any modern bathroom, as a set or on their own. This pink collection includes a freestanding bathtub, and also pictures a ceramic Fly washbasin (from £397), the Lilac toilet and bidet (from £305), and the Ecoscape shower tray (available in 1200mm-by-80mm and 1400-by-80mm for £585).

The delicate colour of all the items in this set make you think it is perfect for a woman’s bathroom only. These sets , if placed and used in a totally white bathroom can make quite a visual impression on whoever watches them and I must confess I like them, too.

Every item is bringing some new features to the whole and make the bathroom a nice place to go to and even a beautiful one. So why don’t you make your bathroom a comfy and pleasant room since you already use it?


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