Leather-like sink

Usually when it comes to sinks there’s not much to think about before purchasing one. They are usually all the same, with similar shapes and simple designs. However, for those who like diversity and who want to distinguish themselves from everyone else, there are also some other options. For example, take a look at this collection.

It’s been designed by California-based company Native Trails and it’s a collection of several sinks that share an unusual design. The shape is not really interesting or distinguished from all the other designs, but it’s the finish that makes them stand out. When seen for the first time, the sink appears to have been covered or even made of leather, However, it’s just an impression because in reality they are made of copper. Also, another interesting detail is the fact that the sink is manufactures from recycled copper, from pipes and wirings that have been melted down. It’s yet another reason to choose this sink.

Besides the process of melting the copper, the rest is hand-made. It’s definitely an interesting piece. Because it has that leather-like look, it has a masculine flare so it would look very nice in a bachelor’s apartment. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t be included in other decors as well, as long as it looks good and the owners are happy with it.

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