Lb3 Bathroom Furnishings Collection by Laufen of Switzerland

Today’s the bathroom it’s no longer just a room for personal hygiene,because possibilities for designs are limitless.Many of  us consider that the bathroom si more than a personal personal retreat, a separated space from the noise outside, where they could relax with complete privacy.Decorating a bathroom cost in fucntion on style and materials that you are going to use.Just a simple improvement that includes a new bath vanity top, accessories and light fixture will cost under 1000$.

LAUFEN Lb3 Bathroom Furnishings Collection

The Lb3 bathroom collection feature a fresh and modern look that help you on bathroom decor.The collection combines traditional and modern with wood and porcelain.This alternative of mixing traditional and modern will add a warm look with relaxing colors.

furnishing a bathroom

bathroom decorating white

Laufen Bathrooms

This collection offer you all necessary for bathroom needs.Think more about what other needs you have that you can include into your bath, with some clever and careful planning.But i’m sure if you are going to choose the Lb3 series will no longer needed more accessories.


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