Laundry Hamper Made of Bamboo

As unpleasant as it may be you have to take care of your laundry and store it somewhere until you wash it. So you usually get a hamper or a laundry basket for that. And the bigger your family the bigger the hamper. Which means you have to find a permanent place where to store that hamper and make it look fine, even its place is in the bathroom. This Laundry Hamper Made of Bamboo is perfect for any home because it is large enough to store your laundry but also nice enough to be a part of your bathroom design in a nice way.

Because it is made of bamboo it looks like a piece of furniture, which is great and also makes it fit the other pieces of furniture you might have in your bathroom. The bamboo sticks also allow the laundry in the hamper breathe and be aerated, so it will not get mold and stay damp until you wash it.  The hamper has a linen interior that allows you to separate clothes and also has a nice pair of handles that make it easy to transport the hamper from one place to another. The hinged lid covers the inside and the overall aspect of this item is a pleasant one, making it a valuable asset. You can have it now for $99 from the Container Store.

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