Latest Corner bathtubs designed by Teuco

Taking a bath or showering has chenged over the years.The  big tradional bathrooms are slowly changing.The need for space in more and more tight homes make people design things suited for  the current rewuirements.Fabio Lenci designed a tub-shower combination.You no longer have to choose between the functionality of a quick shower of  and the comfort of a bathtub.

Now, you cand have them both.You can take a shower in the morning and then go to work and come by in the evening and take a long relaxing bath as well.Being a conrner whirlpool it is perfectly integrated in thight spaces offering amazing versatility, fittig anywhere.The ergonomic design of these  models make them suited for many types of users, from children to the elderly, and because they take less space than regular bathtub or a shower, it means that they are suited as well for small homes.

Looking a bit at the design , and shape, I can easily say that this is going to blend perfectly into your bathroom.It can  be used in an wooden environment, or in an state of the art modern bathroom, filled with best appliances and gadgets.These bathtubs have modern functions, like hydromassage and carefully readings and controls of the temperature, time and power of the water jet etc.I’m amazed every day by the continuous developing of new technologies and how  these could change our lives for good.{found on trendir}

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