Kosmic Shower Cabin from Kos, Italy

I love baths, but I save them for the weekends when I have more time to stay and relax in the hot water for a long time. Just like me, most people have a short shower in the morning before going to work, so most homes now have a modern shower cabin instead of the bathtub. Shower cabins are perfect for those young busy men and women who are always on the run. But do not mistake a shower with a very simple thing. Today’s shower cabins are very modern and sophisticated and offer you a wide range of options like steam showers, waterfall , Turkish baths and even … chromatherapy.

This is the Kosmic shower cabin from the Italian company Kos. They made it for dynamic and demanding people, so it offers you anything a shower cabin could possibly do. The stylish outside of the cabin only gives you a hint of the surprises waiting for you on the inside. You can adjust the water flow depending on your wish and also the color of the light inside the cabin, simply pressing a digital command. Choose the color of your mood, then choose the water massage that will get into parts of your body you weren’t even aware of and then you will feel totally relaxed and fresh, … ready for a new day at work.

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