Jelly Fish Bath Lamp

A few years ago I went to the seaside and I witnessed an incredible phenomenon: at night the water of the sea was casting an electric blue light that looked beautiful and moved with the tide. The scientific explanation were the very special algae that live there and are able to be luminescent during night time, but for me it was simply amazing. I wanted to recreate that view at home, but I couldn’t. And the closest I got to it when I found this incredible Jelly Fish Bath Lamp. The kids love it and you can use it in the bathroom when your kids are having a bath and splashing water all over the place without the fear they will throw water on it and break it.

This unusual bath lamp is made of plastic, so it is pretty safe and does not break. It works with LEDs that are found inside it, so the light is spread from inside out, making the jelly fish glow. Its light is blue, so pretty suggestive for the sea or ocean water, which is perfect for the bathroom. But the most amazing feature for a lamp is the fact that it can float and spread light at the same time, but it does not sink. It is made in China and works on two LR-41 batteries. You can purchase it from CB2 for $4.95 and the success of your pool party will be something certain.

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