Interesting Design Details And Ideas That Can Make Your Bathroom Stand Out

The bathroom is not a space where we usually think about being creative with the interior design and decor. Functionality takes precedence and the creative journey often stops there and then. However, there’s a whole bunch of details that can be added to a bathroom which can make it not only look better but also feel more inviting. Today we’re going to explore some of them. We hope you’ll be inspired by some of these designs. 

A backlit wall mirror

There’s a lot to be said about the bathroom mirror. It’s an integral part of the room and something that we often take for granted. There’s also a lot of different types of bathroom mirrors to choose from. A backlit mirror can add a lot to this space in terms of aesthetics and atmosphere. 

Stylish sconces

It’s often said that sconces are better than overhead lighting for the bathroom because they provide evenly-distributed lighting and don’t create unflattering shadows when looking in the mirror. If you’re choosing to use this strategy you also have the opportunity to pick some beautiful-looking sconces for your bathroom. 

A cool-looking sink

The sink is a big must-have for any bathroom and rather than feeling like this limits your creativity it’s actually a good opportunity to explore some new and interesting designs. A cool-looking sink can totally reinvent your bathroom and change the way it looks and feels. 

Minimal furniture

Bathrooms are often quite small in size and filling them with lots of furniture doesn’t really help them look spacious and airy. An option to consider in this case is using minimal furniture which provides you with the basic functionality but doesn’t make the room look cluttered. Consider floating vanities, shelves and other similar things. 

A mirror as a centerpiece

We’re back at mirrors and in this case the idea is to turn the mirror into a centerpiece and a focal point for the bathroom. That’s quite easy to achieve with a backlit wall mirror and to get an even better effect you can place it against a textured wall or pair it with certain colors. 

Bathtub bookshelves

This is a really cool idea if you’re looking to make your bathroom more inviting and comfortable and if you enjoy taking long baths. You can build a frame around the tub with a few open shelves that you can fill with books and other things. It will look amazing and it will drastically change the ambiance in the room.

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No vanity

Sure, the vanity can add a lot to a bathroom but if you don’t feel like you absolutely need it, it might be better to go with an interesting pedestal sink design instead. A pedestal sink could look quite nice and you can pair it with a big wall mirror for a nice visual effect. 

An interesting tile pattern

Tiles are very practical in bathrooms so if you’re going to rely on them for your design you might as well try something interesting and special. Consider tiles with interesting and unusual shapes, colors and patterns, tiles that mimic other materials or combinations of tiles to create something custom and unique. This eye-catching by Egue y Seta can be a good reference point. 

A wooden sink

Wood is not usually the material that comes to mind when thinking of sinks which is why it’s such an interesting option. A wooden sink adds a lot of warmth to the bathroom and also gives it a more elegant and refined look. There’s also other less common materials and finishes that could have a similar effect such as copper or stone for instance.

A black shower frame

Minimalist walk-in showers are really popular right now but even so there are plenty of variations to consider and keep in mind when you design your own bathroom. An interesting option would be to keep the bathroom super simple and bright and to have a black shower frame that, even though very simple, would stand out. 

A large window

This one is a bit more tricky because if you’re living in an apartment you won’t be able to change the placement or dimensions of the bathroom window. If you do have the freedom of doing so however it would be really nice to include a large window which brings in a view of a garden for example. Frosted glass will allow you to also protect your privacy. 

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Gold accents

Another beautiful idea is to add gold touched to the bathroom in the form of various fixtures and details like the sink faucet, shower installation, the vanity hardware, towel holder and so on. It would be nice to match all these elements and to unify the room in this manner. Design made by Barker Associates Architecture Office.

A spa-inspired design

It would be really cool if you could give your bathroom a spa-like look and feel and to turn it into a very relaxing space. This can be done in several different ways. One idea is to include lots of wood and other natural materials like stone in order to create a nature-inspired vibe and a warm atmosphere. Designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects. 

A live-edge vanity

If you’re considering adding more natural wood to your bathroom, check out a company called woodbasin. It offers a series of unique and really beautiful and stylish sinks and vanities made out of wood. One with a live-edge design could look amazing in pretty much any bathroom. 

A stone sink

Speaking of sinks made out of natural and unusual materials, you might be interesting in one made out of stone. This one from Rogerseller has a really artistic design and would definitely make a great centerpiece for a modern bathroom. It would go really well with a wooden vanity. 

An extra large sink

It’s not just the material from which a sink is made that can make it special but its size as well. If you want something that stands out in an unusual way, consider an extra large sink. It would be a cool alternative to the double sink for a stylish master bathroom. 

Open shelves

It doesn’t really come as a surprise that open shelves are super versatile and can improve the overall aesthetic of a room. They’re also particularly useful in spaces such as the bathroom because they can be used for storage as well as for display. Include an open shelf below the vanity’s countertop to create a little space for keeping extra towels and other necessities. 



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