Incredible, Luxurious Stand-Up Showers

We have a treat for you today! If you have a master bathroom, that’s a luxury in and of itself, but if you have the chance to have a walk-in shower with extra space to relax and enjoy in, that’s a whole different level of comfort. We’ve rounded up 10 incredible, luxurious stand-up showers that are not only beautiful and stylish, but functional too and would be a delight for anyone to use or have in their home.

1. Corner Wash.

That entire corner is your walk-in shower. This contemporary master bath is filled with fun decor, but it’s that shower, right around the corner that perked our ears us with a great first impression.

2. Double Entry.

A double entry to your walk-in shower is the perfect way to compliment a “his and her” theme. It also looks pretty cool too, don’t you think? We’d love to have the space to get ready in every morning with our significant other, without budding heads to waiting on warm water.
3. Rain, Rain.

This modern, walk-in rain shower is chic, unique and super luxurious. Who wouldn’t want a dip in this space? Who wouldn’t want to wake up in a shower that’s so delicate in feel, bold in style and luxurious in design?
4. Everyday Made.

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More traditional and accessible, this stand up shower is still very luxurious but more functional for a variety of family homeowners. We love the fresh, crisp and white tile especially when paired with the pretty, powder blue hues around the room.
5. Super Chic.

Clean lines, modern vision and chic appeal, the focal point is the tub, but the luxury comes in at the walk-in shower hidden behind the art. We love the posh and simple vibe of the entire space.
6. Pure Focus.

You don’t need a beautiful, footed tub to take the main stage when you’ve got a walk-in shower of this magnitude and design. Basically, your shower has become it’s only little room – and it is magical.
7. Complete Contrast.

Of course, we’re loving the stand-up shower hidden in the far nook of this bathroom. You don’t have to worry about a shower curtain, you just step in and enjoy. But we’re also loving the mix of rustic and contemporary style throughout the entire space.{found on gladudesign}.
8. Sweetly Incorporated.

A stand-up shower made with functionality in mind, it’s roomy enough to feel pampered but it also works with slightly smaller bathrooms as well. The grey, marble tiles also give it a relaxed, stylish appeal.

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9. Cottage Cutie.

The color, the design; it’s all so cozy and quaint, but with a luxurious appeal that only the lucky ones get to enjoy. We love the combination of traditional details and decadent additions.

10. Hotel Inspired.

If a princess were to visit the best hotel in town, this is the bathroom that would be found. It’s dainty, charming, roomy and that shower was made for relaxing and enjoying, don’t you think?



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