iCarta iPod dock and toilet roll dispenser

The young generation seems to be addicted to music and gadgets. Everywhere you go you see young people listening to music on their iPods and they simply can’t live without them, carrying these little gadgets all over the place – in the park, in the subway, in the library and even in the … bathroom. Yes, it’s true. Even when they go in there, they take their iPod with them and listen to their favorite music while having a bath or doing something else. So the guys from Apple thought of a gadget that makes it possible for iPods to be placed in the bathroom in a safe place and this is the iCarta.

This gadget is a combination between a toilet paper dispenser and a docking station for your iPod. This way the iPod will not stay on the floor or in any other place that is not safe and can cause damage to it and it charges its battery at the same time, just like it were connected to a wall plug dock.

Besides, the two sides of the toilet paper dispenser have built-in stereo speakers that are water resistant and are not affected by the steam in the bathroom and can also offer a high quality sound.

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I admit I was skeptical about the veridicity of this piece of news when I read it in the Daily News, so I looked for this item on the official Apple web site. As I could not find anything there I thought that maybe this item could be produced by some company that only provides the dock and has nothing to do with Apple. So I found the product on Amazon, where you can buy it for $110. But I still do not believe it is made by Apple, but by some Chinese company that has crazy ideas.



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