Hutton Inset Medicine Cabinet

There are many rules that I accept and obey, but two of them are certainly connected to many fields, one of them being home design: 1. simple is beautiful and 2. black is always elegant and stylish. I know i am right because you can’t make mistakes if you choose a simple black furniture or even a dress. It will always look great. In this case this Hutton Inset Medicine Cabinet proves both rules to be absolutely right. The cabinet is very simple in design and has a nice rectangular shape, with black thick edges. The frames are made of solid poplar with birch veneers.

Of course the black frames go so well with the mirrored door (on both sides) and the mirrored interior of the cabinet. There are three or four shelves inside, depending on size, and they are made of tempered glass. This is perfect for storing medicine and its place should be in the bathroom. It is easy to mount on the wall and once there will be the centerpiece of your bathroom, with its stylish look and sparkling mirror. The cabinet comes in two sizes , so the price will vary between $175 – $219.

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