How To Take Advantage Of Floating Vanities To Make Bathrooms Spacious

Floating vanities offer a diversity of design opportunities which allow you to give the bathroom a glamorous, minimalist, luxurious, spacious or dramatic look. Their versatility and wide range of designs and styles allows them to look stylish in any type of bathroom. Let’s review some of the benefits that come with them.

A double vanity can offer all the storage a bathroom needs

A long, horizontal mirror is the perfect accessory to complement a floating vanityTo emphasize its sleek design, choose a contrasting color for the vanityDespite the open space remaining under the vanity, the piece offers a lot of storage

Because floating vanities are suspended above floor level and have to be mounted on the bathroom wall, they have the ability to make the room seem more spacious and airy. It’s an effect similar to that created by floating media units or consoles which are used in living rooms

Small bathrooms can appear more airy if they have a floating vanityFor a minimalist look, simplify the design as much as you canTo further emphasize the spaciousness of the room, use large mirrorsFloating vanities can be customized to also include accessories such as the towel rackHere it’s not just the vanity that stands out but the whole wallAlthough eye-catching, the blue on the wall feels soothing in combination with the wood

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Not only that floating vanities can enhance the overall spacious look of a bathroom but they also maintain the focus on functionality by being so sleek and simple. This makes them ideal for modern and contemporary homes which are usually minimalist.

A large and robust vanity can seem lightweight if suspended above floor levelMake the most of your floating vanity with a mix of open and closed compartmentsMake the vanity the focal point by surrounding it with a white décorInstall accent lighting and turn the space under the vanity into a beautiful detailSpacious master bathroom with a double floating sink cabinet and matching mirrorsContemporary bathroom featuring an elegant floating sink cabinet on an accent wallSmall, bright bathroom with mirrors door and a black floating sink cabinetModern bathroom with a transparent shower and a double sink cabinet with mirror

Floating vanities can be interesting design elements on their own but they often need accessories to complement them. Mirrors are the most common accessory. A large mirror can enhance the simplistic look of the vanity and draw the eye upwards.

Bright bathroom with large mirrors on two walls and a minimalist floating sink cabinetElegant bathroom with a rich brown floating sink cabinet and a stylish mirrorContemporary bathroom with elegant wall storage and matching sink cabinetAiry bathroom with transparent shower, floating sink cabinet and open shelves

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