How To Spice Up The Bathroom Decor And Make This Room Interesting

Unless you take the time to come up with some creative ideas to make this space interesting in some way, bathrooms can be really boring. There’s not usually a lot of space to work with so we’re limited to only including the basics. This can end up resulting in a very predictable and monotonous design. However, even the basics can be interesting. Today we’re having a look at some of the ways in which you can spice things up in the bathroom and make this area more exciting and less conventional so to say.

The mirror is an important part of any bathroom’s design. Of course, that doesn’t mean it can’t be interesting. In fact, it’s one of the accessories which can add a lot of character to the bathroom. A nice, simple and practical way to put an emphasis this is by going with a mirror with LED backlighting.

Plants look beautiful in bathrooms. They add a refreshing touch to the space around them and there are many species that do well in areas with lots of moisture. It would of course be great if your bathroom had a window so that the plants can get plenty of natural sunlight. If you have the space for it, it would be cool to add an oversized plant or a miniature potted tree to this room.

A freestanding tub can also give your bathroom a more refined and sophisticated look and it’s also helpful if you want to change the layout of the space. Accessorize it with a freestanding faucet/ tub filler to maintain a sleek and simple look all around it.

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Consider going with a dark color palette for the bathroom even if you don’t have a large window or a skylight. Black marble tiles for example look glamorous and elegant and you can use them to create an accent wall. To brighten up the space you can introduce white elements or focus more on lighting.

A lamp, whether it sits on the floor, the wall or on a surface, is not typically something you’d expect to see in a bathroom. If possible, you can use that in your favor. To generalize, we’re refering to accent lighting and mood lighting which has to do with lamps, sconces, LED bands and so on. Look around and figure out the option that suits you best.

Another cool idea is to try to make the bathroom feel less like a purely utilitarian space and more like an extension of the living area or the bedroom, depending on the case. This can be achieved by introducing various accessories and elements such as an area rug (different from a bath mat), a chair or some other form of seating, a small table or simply by replacing the usual towel rods with a ladder.

Create a warm and inviting ambiance in the bathroom by using wood and colors such as beige or soft neutrals and pastels. Reclaimed wood in particular is known to add charm and warmth to the space around it. Similarly, you can use driftwood as an accent material, especially if you’re creating a coastal-inspired decor.

You can also add more character to your bathroom by relying on simple and basic elements. For example, the white wall tiles featured here are not particularly interesting on their own but in this context they go really well with the rest of the materials and finishes around them. Also, bronze or copper-colored fixtures can look better than the chromed type if you’re going with a more classic look.

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Here’s another example of a bathroom that looks and feels inviting. There are several inspiring features worth mentioning, such as the use of a large area rug, a second wall-mounted mirror positioned vertically, floating cabinets, backlight mirrors and pendant lamps hanging in front of them which creates a cool visual effect.

Mirrors, as mentioned before, are a great resource which can be used to make bathrooms look interesting and eye-catching. Instead of a single wall-mounted mirror one idea is to have a set of small mirrors which are arranged in a modular installation. They’re both decorative and practical.

Going back to potted plants, they’re great if you want to make your bathroom look more like a soothing spa and they fit nicely in corners. Here there’s also a nice mural to go alongside the plant and a lovely burlap cover for the planter itself. The bright color palette is also well-suited for this particular setup.

Another really cool for a sophisticated bathroom is a fireplace. Of course, adding one here is often difficult but you can still find inspiration in this idea. Instead of an actual working fireplace you could opt for something that’s purely for display. You can also use firewood and logs as decorations for the room.



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