How To Pick A Modern Bathroom Mirror With Lights

Every room has its own must-haves. Every living room needs a sofa, every bedroom needs a bed and every bathroom needs a mirror. But it’s not just that. Each of these elements comes with a series of secondary features that increase their efficiency. In the case of the bathroom mirror it’s the accent lighting that completes the package.

This bathroom has two stylish kinds of mirrors, both with back light.Both the frame and the wall behind this mirror glow in a really pleasant mannerSome companies can create custom lighted mirrors to perfectly suit your bathroomAlthough size is important, it’s not this detail that makes this mirror stand outThe best solution is to flank the mirror with side lighting for optimal results

It’s important to know how to pick a mirror with lights. Don’t focus on size or shape only. You must also pay attention to details such as the way the accent lighting interacts with the mirror itself but also with the surrounding décor. Always remember that having a bathroom mirror with accent lights placed directly above it is the worst kind of combination. The light has to flatter you, not create unpleasant shadows.

The lighting behind the mirror is so subtle that the whole space feels like an oasisThe entire wall here in a giant mirror with surround lighting and the vanity is mounted on itIt’s common for contemporary bathrooms with large windows to opt for subtle artificial lighting
Even though the light doesn’t come from the sides, the design is really interestingBathroom mirrors with back lights eliminate the need for sconcesRound lighted mirrors tend to look more harmonious simply because of the shapeThe accent lighting flanks the mirror on both sides, framing it at the same timeThese are mirrors with inset lights and their design is simple and eye-catchingThe way the accent lights act as separators between the two mirrors is really practicalSconces can be installed onto the mirrors and they’d create interesting visual effectsPerhaps it would have been better to have those lights placed in between the mirrorsIf you can compensate for the shadows in some other way, this design could also work

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A lot of modern mirrors take care of that problem for you. They come with integrated accent lighting that’s soft, pleasant and uniformly dispersed in order to be efficient and flattering. There are lots of different designs to choose from so pick wisely and take into consideration all the factors.

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