How To Make Shower Niches Work For You In The Bathroom

There’s no doubt that shower niches are very practical and offer lots of advantages. The most obvious of all is that you get storage in a much more stable and reliable form than in other cases. No more using the floor for all the shampoo bottles, soap and everything else or balancing all these items on the corners of the tub. Shower niches take care of all these problems and they’re also really versatile and adaptable.

You can actually make the shower niche as big as you wish and even have it wrap around the room, connecting adjacent walls and adding color with its contrasting tiles. This white and blue combo is really fresh and beautiful.

There’s a variety of materials to choose from for the shower niche. These stones look really great here, given the type of tiles used for the shower. In addition, the niche has glass shelves which are almost invisible.

Because they’re so basic and so versatile, shower niches look natural in just about any kind of shower. So whether you have a Roman shower stall or some other kind, there’s no need to give up on including this practical feature in the design.

Walk in showers  can easily accommodate niches but the design has to be well thought through. So place the niche at the right height from the floor so you don’t have to climb on stools to reach it and also so that kids can safely use it.

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Depending on the size of the shower space, the niche adapts its size as well. This one is small, with only two compartments. Make sure you measure the shampoo bottles and everything else you plan on storing else so you don’t end up finding out they don’t fit.{found on dlccorp}.

If it’s a tub and shower combo you have in mind, then the niche will be even more practical. Design it so you can easily use and reach it both while you’re taking a bath or a shower. A horizontal design would work best in this case.{found on h3kdesign}.

Actually, the usefulness of shower niches extends beyond the actual shower. So you can also choose to include niches elsewhere in the bathroom as well, such as above the tub and even in front of the sink. This is a really clever design.{found on wandaelyarchitect}.

It’s usually better to have three shelves in a niche than two. Somehow this design seems to look better plus you also have more space to organize all your shampoo bottles and soap bars. This niche blends in really well. In fact, everything in here follows the same pattern, including the ceramic garden stool and the tiles.{found on clarum}.

Shower niches also offer aesthetic advantages as well. By that we mean you can use decorative tiles and match them to other accent details in the bathroom. You can also try bold combinations of colors and even mix and match finishes and textures in all sorts of eye-catching ways.{found on icustomdesigns}.

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We really enjoy the symmetry in this bathroom. The glass divider splits the space in two zones, one of them being a doorless shower.In here, the niche matches the accent detail on the adjacent wall, the two featuring the same dimensions.

To make the niche stand out a bit, you can use accent lighting. It could be both a useful and an aesthetic element that makes the shower look complete and stylish. However, the design and finishes should be simple.{found on fisherhart}.

Although the brightly colored corner seat is obviously the focal point in this shower, it’s not the only interesting and attractive feature. The niche is good-looking as well, especially given how it doesn’t contrast with the main color but still manages to stand out.{found on michaeltauberarchitecture}.

A shower niche can basically any shape as long as it’s practical and not overcomplicated. It can also be divided into compartments in numerous different ways. So think carefully. What will you be storing there? What dimensions do these items have? How many are they? And so on..{found on musicfann}.

Of course, you may have more than one niche in the shower. Instead of one that’s divided into two compartments you can have two separate ones. Whether this is more practical or not is up to you to decide.{found on kelly}.



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