How To Make A Narrow Powder Room Feel Inviting And Comfortable – 15 Ideas

A powder room is just a rather more fancy way of referring to a bathroom or toilet room. It’s primarily designed to be used by guests. The term may also refer to a women’s restroom, usually in a building open to the public. Just like in the case of a regular bathroom, the powder room may present different challenges related to its interior design and décor. For example, a narrow powder room is not ideal but not impossible to work with either.

The undulating lines and elegant pattern are repeated throughout the décor

In the case of a narrow powder room, the key is to keep the side walls as free of furniture as possible. It would also be useful if you could avoid using floor furniture and if you could have wall-mounted features instead. Storage could be a problem in such spaces but open shelves are always a nice idea.

The dark colors make this room seem less narrow and tightThe horizontal delimitation, the panels and the wallpaper contrast with the shape of the roomAn interesting combination of materials and textures in this contemporary powder roomAn all-white powder room will seem more spacious even if it’s very narrowYou can cheer up the décor with a bold pattern on the floorThe sunburst effect on the ceiling makes the room feel bright and thus more spacious
The buttery color palette and the warm light make the bathroom feel very invitingIn the case of a narrow room such as this one you have to think verticallyThe wallpaper provides an elegant focal point and it also matches the rest of the wallsSmall rooms also allow you to play with visual effects designed to distract you from the size of the spaceCombine cheerful wallpaper with minimalist furniture and fixtures to make a room seem airySimplicity can also be the key to tricking the eye into perceiving a room as largerThe finish on the walls and the soft lines on the washbasin make this tiny powder room feel cozyYou can also use ornate details in a small room as long as they don’t overwhelm the spaceEven though not striking, there is symmetry in this space and it makes it look inviting

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If you want to emphasize the shape of the long and the narrow room, then use vertical stripes or other patterns. If, on the other hand, you want to make it seamlessly integrate into the whole interior design of your home, then go with something simple, maybe a combination of colors.

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