How To Design The Most Charming Rustic Bathroom

In the world of interior design, a rustic style is defined and dominated by natural materials and nature-inspired textures as well as simple and earthy colors, with an overall emphasis on rugged, natural beauty. The style suits certain spaces better than others. For example, a rustic mountain retreat looks and feels natural but if you transport this style into an apartment in the middle of a big city, it looks out of place and strange. This also happens in the case of specific areas of a home. For example, a rustic bathroom can look really charming, no matter where the home is located. Not convinced yet? Check out the images below.

Wood is the signature material of pretty much any rustic interior design and although it’s not the most practical option for humid environments such as the bathrooms, there are treatments which can applied to solve this issue.

You can design your whole bathroom in wood and you can even go as far as to encase the tub in a wooden frame. That would actually look super charming. Add one of those retro accent rugs instead of a typical bathroom mat for extra charm.

Stone is another signature material associated with rustic design and that’s actually great because it’s perfect for the shower. Of course, you don’t have to encase your entire shower stall in stone but an accent wall like this one would definitely have a big impact on the decor and the ambiance of the space.

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Perhaps the most desirable advantage of designing a rustic bathroom is the fact that the space looks and feels extremely welcoming, cozy and comfortable. At the same time, a rustic bathroom also has a certain dose of elegance. Admit it, all you want now is to take a bath in that clawfoot tub.

The natural materials and rugged and pure textures specific to rustic bathrooms can be incorporated in the decor in a lot of different ways. For example, the sink can be made out of stone or even out of wood, as strange as that may sound.

Speaking of strange design features, check out this unique sink. It has an organic and unusual shape which takes advantage of the rustic style in an awesome way. The window shelf has an irregular flow as well. Imperfections add character to everything in this case.

A farmhouse sink with an apron would look natural in a rustic bathroom. It can be integrated into a a vanity unit with plenty of storage below if the space allows it. A simple granite counter can complete the design.

Not all rustic bathroom designs are based on irregular forms, live-edge surfaces and rugged finishes. This style can also be updated with simple, more modern lines. It would maintain a lot of its original charm but it would also be better-suited for a modern home.

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The focus in a rustic bathroom is on the materials and finishes used, their textures and natural beauty and not so much on the details or the ornamental features. Of course, these matter too so look for some nice cabinet pulls, a cute light fixture or a nice-looking faucet to personalize your bathroom with.

Of course, not everything in a rustic bathroom has to be made out of wood. You can mix looks and functionality and install tiles on the floor for easy maintenance. Balance them with wood-paneled accent walls and rustic furniture.

Tree stumps are often popular features in rustic interior design and there’s no reason why you couldn’t include some in the design of a bathroom. Actually, you can base the entire design on this, literally.

You can give a bathroom a rustic feel without actually basing the entire design on this style. A few wooden accents could be enough to set the desired mood. This can even done as part of a makeover.

You know what else would give a bathroom a wonderfully rustic feel? A fireplace. Imaging taking a bath and listening to the crackling of the wood and feeling the warmth. Of course, installing a working a fireplace in the bathroom takes a bit of planning.



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