How to add elegance to a bathroom with wallpapers

It’s a new millennium, everything is modern now, living places look different, the buildings are higher, and higher… Until now, we were used to decorate our homes in a conventional way, every room separated by walls, because we wanted intimacy. Nowadays, we are trying new things, we are experimenting all kinds of styles and unusual combinations, creating breezy open-spaces. For example, now we can give up tiles for the wallpapers if we want to decorate in a sophisticate way.

Depending on the chamber’s dimension, you can choose a colored  wallpaper with linear print like in the first picture, to transform your bathroom in an elegant room where you will enjoy relaxing, not only spending time doing your daily hygiene . I really like the fourth image, because the wallpaper, together with the chandelier and lamps emphasize the entire room, with all the details and items, the large window lets fresh air and light to enter in, and the bathtub has a strategic position, because when you’re taking a bath, you can relax and enjoy the view.

My favorite bathroom is the one from the seventh image, the one covered with brown wallpaper and white floral print, because it transforms entirely the camber. If you were not attentive at the bathtub, you would consider that you’re seeing an elegant living room with large windows, antique furniture and a traditional fireplace, like in a room where you would like to spend your time. If you’re impressed by the beauty of these wallpapers, you have to know that there are so many different patterns which you can use if you decide  to transform your bathroom in a spectacular place like these.{pic sources:1.Justin Bernhaut, 2.Pierre-Jean Verger, 3.Amanda Nisbet Design, 4.Michael Wells, 5.Isabel lopez-Quesada, 6.Digs by Katie, 7.neuhaus design, 8,9. Evelyn Muller via Casa de Valentina}.

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