How Bathroom Wallpaper Can Help You Reinvent This Boring Space

Of all the great ways to make a bathroom look personal and quirky, covering the walls with wallpaper is our favorite. Wallpapered bathrooms are super charming but a bit controversial. There are definitely some pros and cons to consider before changing the entire look of this room but we think you’ll agree with us that solutions can be found for any downside that this design option may be linked to. Check out these gorgeous bathrooms. Aren’t they irresistible?

Wallpaper makes it easy to give the bathroom a feminine and charming look. There’s a ton of lovely designs and patterns that are simply adorable, like this one. We absolutely love these butterflies. They bring out the beauty in this bathroom and they coordinate nicely with striped, pastel rug.{found on athomearkansas}.

Geometric and graphical wallpaper patterns can be very powerful and designer Jenn Feldman definitely known how to take advantage of that. Whether it’s a timeless black and white design or a glamorous gold-infused pattern, wallpapered walls can really make a bathroom pop.

One of the coolest things about wallpapered bathroom walls is that they can be reflected into the mirrors and this makes the pattern and the colors stand out even more. Check out these three gorgeous examples of glamorous wallpapered bathrooms designed by Studio Gild.

Large wallpaper prints can have a stunning effect on a bathroom. In this case, a wallpapered wall is similar to a mural. We absolutely love these abstract, artistic designs created by Mad Cow Interiors, especially the combination of a dark background and soft pastels. It’s a cool look for an eclectic bathroom.

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Wallpaper is a very practical alternative to paint and even to tiles. Installation is easy and fast and if done well can last for 10 to 15 years. Of course, special precautions are needed since the bathroom is a high-moisture space. However, it’s nothing that some special primer and glue and some waterproof sealant can’t solve. It’s definitely worth the effort seeing how beautiful and charming this design done by Shauna Glenn is.

Not all wallpaper has intricate and complex patterns and colorful designs. If you prefer something simple and classic, check out this striped black and white accent wall. It complements the bathroom quite nicely and gives it plenty of character without being too complicated.

A repetitive pattern like this one can make a wallpapered wall look pretty similar to a tiled wall. Obviously, because wallpaper is not very resistant to water and moisture in general, you can’t use it to decorate the shower walls but you can use it on other walls to create a fresh and edgy bathroom decor. Find more cool ideas like this one on pinterest.

Thanks to all the different patterns and designs that wallpaper comes in you can give your bathroom a tropical look no matter where you’re located. It’s not as powerful as a panoramic view of the jungle but the effect is awesome nonetheless.

Not all wallpaper is bold, colorful or very eye-catching. There are also plenty of simple, less eye-capturing designs to choose from if you prefer a more toned-down look. This contemporary bathroom decorated by Amit Apel Design is a lovely example.

We find wallpaper to be a very great idea for small bathroom or powder rooms. A bathroom without a shower or a tub doesn’t really present any challenges when it comes to excessive moisture. This means you could even skip the varnish and just install the wallpaper as you would in any other room.

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Wallpaper is able to give a small bathroom a modern and edgy look, taking the attention away from its reduced size and directing towards the positive elements of the design. You can pick a funky color, an eye-catching pattern or a combination of both to make a small bathroom stand out.

Of course, it’s not just the wallpaper that matters in a bathroom. If you want to truly capture the beauty and uniqueness of a particular theme you’ll have to add a few extra details. You can customize the space even more with a particular type of fixtures, a certain color palette or with accessories and decorations such as plants or scented candles.

You can also use wallpaper to tell a story and to create a particular kind of ambiance in the bathroom. For example you could infuse the space with coastal, beach-inspired beauty.

The motif on the wallpaper can also help you achieve the desired visual effect and atmosphere. For example, the bathroom on the left looks very delicate, bright and feminine while the one on the right is quite masculine but not without its own charm.

Floral wallpaper is a particularly nice option. In addition to adding color to the decor, it also gives the space a feminine look. You can emphasize it or tone it down, depending on what you’re trying to achieve.



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