Hotel Wall-Mounted Medicine Cabinet

Medicine should be kept safe, but you do need them in the house, so you’d better find a safe spot for them where you can find easily, but also where you can secure them with a key. Most people use a cabinet that locks with a key and this is usually placed in the bathroom. This Hotel Wall-Mounted Medicine Cabinet is perfect for both your home and a hotel room, too, and it looks amazingly well as a bonus. Unlike other pieces of furniture, this medicine cabinet is very slim and stylish and is dark in colour, so it looks very well against a white wall.

The cabinet is mounted on the wall and secured there, I mean it is bolted to the wall, so it won’t move or fall. The door is almost as wide as the cabinet and has a mirror on the side that faces the bathroom. That is very useful, as you can replace the bathroom mirror with this cabinet and this way it will serve two purposes at the same time.

The cabinet has some Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Bronze or Chrome hardware that allows you to lock it and keep the medicine away from the reach of children or other people who are not allowed to, but also looks great against the dark wooden cabinet. The item can be ordered in regular or extra large size and also you get to choose the finish to be white or espresso stain. You can order it online for $249 from Pottery Barn.

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