Home Decorators Collection Corner Tub and Shower Stool

I have a shower every day and so do most people nowadays. This seems like a very normal and usual habit and you do not even think there are some people who can’t stand in the bathtub or in the shower because of different illnesses and that every shower is actually an ordeal for them. That first crossed my mind when I came across this Home Decorators Collection Corner Tub and Shower Stool . I honestly wondered what on earth would I need a stool in the bathtub? Then I realized that this stool is made especially for those that need to sit in the shower as they are not able to stand.

The stool is made of water resistant materials such as teak for the seating and aluminum legs. This also allows it to be really lightweight, so pretty easy to be removed from the bathtub. The stool is sturdy , so it can support up to 220 lb. The vented seat of the stool is very well designed so the water will not stay on top of it and the soap will not pile up there. The seating will not be swollen even if it stay under water for a long time and this proved its resistance. All these features suggest that its price ($59) is a fair one.

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