High Tech Massage Bath Tub Combining Shower and Tub into One

These are the days of combo devices and when it comes to the high tech massage bath tubs, many people prefer the new combo invention of bath tub with shower and tub in one. While the bath tub is quite stylish the combination of shower enhances its utility manifold.

Usually the acrylic high tech massage bath tubs include built in thermostat, devices for checking the water levels, massage jets, headsets, automatic cleaning systems, ozone sterilizers, and all the accessories are computer controlled.

But the icing on the cake in the new combo device is the setting up of 15 inch LCD TV and FM radio system with the high tech massage bath tubs. Combining relaxation and therapies with entertainment and music, the manufacturers have added novelty to the item.Normally massage functions are only available on outdoor and portable hot tub models like those offered by D1Spas.

No wonder that the new bath tubs combining therapy, bath, and entertainment; all in one; is becoming immensely popular in the market.( the item its available on Product Page )


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