Gray Bathroom Ideas Every Modern Home Needs

Colors such as blue, green and the always popular white are typically the go-to nuances when it comes to bathroom interior design but there are also other tones to consider, some of which may be a bit unexpected but very rewarding and, as it turns out, quite practical too. A particularly good option is gray. It’s a neutral with a surprising amount of character. Gray bathrooms are both simple and sophisticated and there are many stylish ways to include this color into the decor. See some of the options below.

A lot of times grays can look very cold and austere but that’s not always the case. Warm grays have a little bit of brown in them which changes everything, allowing the decor to look warm and welcoming.

Gray doesn’t have to be the bathroom’s primary color. You can use it as an accent color designed to bring out the other nuances or to complement or contrast with the surroundings. These minimalist shelves are a nice example.

Consider using light grays and accent lighting to highlight the bathroom’s layout and to keep the space simple and clutter-free. You can have the walls match the ceiling and the floor to create a uniform decor.

One way to make gray wall seem less cold and austere is to give them a textured look. There are several different painting techniques which can be used in order to get this effect.

Cool grays can look stylish and beautiful too. You can complement them with warm accent colors and materials such as beige, natural wood or soft pastels in general. A beautiful green tone can also bring out the beauty of a gray wall so consider adding some plants to your bathroom.

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More often than not, bathrooms have tiles on their walls. Bathroom tiles are practical and easy to clean but can look pretty boring and impersonal which is why there are so many different types and designs to choose from.

You can make gray tiles look cool in your bathroom by mixing and matching different shades of the same color. Certain tiles make it easy to do that. This is one of the examples.

Pick gray as the main color for your bathroom walls if the objective is to create a minimalist and at the same time chic and modern decor. You can complement the walls with white fixtures and furniture pieces and the occasional accessory in bold accent colors.

You can ensure that your bathroom feels warm and welcoming even if gray is its main decor color by also introducing a few natural materials such as stone or wood into the space. Their natural color and texture will do the trick.

A less common strategy is to install wooden flooring in the bathroom. Wood is not as durable or practical as tiles in this space but you can treat it and give it a protective top coat which can solve any issues.

Parquet flooring in the bathroom can help give the room a retro, vintage feel and can also greatly improve the ambiance, making the space feel welcoming, comfortable and as warm and cozy as a living room.

There’s a big different between the light and the dark nuances of the same color. While light gray bathrooms tend to look bright and breezy, a bathroom with dark gray walls is not the same. In this case, the decor will probably be a bit cozier and you can emphasize that with some warm wood elements.

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A gray wall can look less boring if there’s a pattern on it. Wallpaper can usually make that happen. Here’s a cool makeover idea: paint over the bottom part of a wallpapered wall.

There’s also another cool way to use gray in a bathroom and it has to do with marble. Certain types of marble come in natural gray nuances or have grey veining which can look really elegant and stylish. You can opt for marble counters, backsplashes and even marble tiles. Keep in mind that too much marble can look overwhelming.

You can cheer up a neutral gray bathroom with accessories like a rug or a wall ornament. These can add a new, bright color to the mix such as yellow, orange, green, purple or whatever color you prefer. You can also use this opportunity to create layers or to add texture and pattern to the bathroom decor.

The lighting can also help set a nice mood in the bathroom. It’s not just the design of the fixture that matters but also the type of light bulb that you use. Edison bulbs look cool and bulbs that give out warm light are a nice idea too. Of course, you need to make a decision based on the context and the effect that you’re trying to achieve.



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