Glamour Collection of Bathroom Cabinets from Eurolegno

A nice looking house that shows luxury and good taste is incomplete without an appropriate bathroom furniture.But if you have this modern and elegant bathroom cabinet like presented by Eurolegno in its amazing Glamour collection, you must first make sure your bathroom is large enough to offer enough space for these cabinets and value them. The collection is a combination of past classical elements and modern art, so it’s more than just furniture, it’s art. All the cabinets were made by the Architect Marco Poletti who intended to bring a fresh view to the old bathroom cabinets that used to be so popular during the Victorian era for example.

The cabinets are colorful and nice, made of wood, but having chrome feet and handles, nicely shaped and carved so as to look like fine pieces of ironcraft. These detailed parts match the model on the sides of the mirror perfectly and this attention to detail and combination of styles make it belong to the Neo-baroque current.


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