Get a Blissed-out Bathroom

The bathroom of a house should be a rejuvenating one: it’s usually the first room one enters upon waking in the morning and it should set the scene for a great day. It can also provide luxury and comfort with the correct use of accessories. Here are some tips on how to design a beautiful bathroom on a budget.

Feel Luxurious.Dark always is a luxury touch

Luxury in a bathroom is more than just a room that looks straight out of a spa. It’s really about the feeling that translates when you’re in the bathroom.Luxury is about feeling pampered and spoilt, and it can be achieved with rich, deep color infusions.

Choose an elegant wallpaper for wall and a fashion mirrorUse of mosaic tiles and large can also lead to a feeling of luxury.

A sense of extravagance or creativity can be gained with accessories. There are quite a few accessories in the bathroom – think shower heads, knobs, handles or towel racks – and updating these can have a positive effect of making the room look brand new. This is also an easy update to old bathroom without being expensive.

Comfort Features.Match the theme of the bathroom with an ottoman

The bathroom can be a sanctuary in one’s home where one retreats after a stressful day to relax in a hot bubble bath. So, it needs to evoke a sense of comfort. This is made possible with thick, fluffy towels that envelope one after a hot bath or shower, along with marble surfaces. ‘His’ and ‘hers’ vanities along with a seating area can also create comfort.

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Feel Uplifted.The color of the walls makes this bathroom perfect for kids

An easy and budget-friendly tip for reviving a bathroom is to paint it in a bright color so as to make it look fresh and lively. This can make a bathroom feel much more inviting.

Should you paint inside drawers

If you don’t want to paint all walls in a bright color, bring a bright shade into the bathroom in smaller ways. This can be highly effective.

Let the Outside in.Create a spa feel with a round bathtub and big plants around

A budget-friendly way to create comfort in the bathroom is to bring in the outdoors. Plants can make the bathroom more homely and cozy.

The Importance of Light.Contemporary walk in shower featuring a modern head light

When thinking about the kind of lighting you want in your bathroom, shower lighting can be a great idea because it combines the need for light with décor. It’s a quick way to achieve creativity, a dramatic feel or an injection of sophistication.

Create a warm feel with a wooden floor

Try to bring natural light into the bathroom as much as possible as this can also have the effect of lifting one’s sprits. Don’t place curtains or blinds on the windows. Rather opt for film that is applied to windows professionally and provides a tint so that privacy is ensured. This has the effect of making the space appear larger.

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Decorative ceiling light can be an eye catching

If the windows do not bring in enough light, decorative lighting can help to brighten up the room and add an eye-catching design feature.

Modern lighting fixture and mirrors should be a must have

The use of lamps or light fixtures placed where lighting is required the most, such as in front of the mirror, are also a good idea.

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