Futuristic bathtub by Korra

For those to enjoy long and relaxing baths, it’s very important to have a proper bathtub. This usually means it has to be comfortable and big enough. But there are also other factors to be considered when choosing a bathtub. One of them is the aspect. In this case, the bathtub designed by Korra is definitely an eye-catching piece.

The most interesting aspect about this bathtub is the fact that it’s transparent. It’s such a basic detail that really makes a difference. Of course, not everyone would consider having a transparent bathtub, but for those who like experiencing new things it’s a very interesting choice. And this is not all. Not only that this bathtub is very good-looking, but it’s a massage tub as well. Considering all these factors, you will surely be able to enjoy many long and relaxing moments using this unusual bathtub.

It has a futuristic design and a very graceful shape. The curved lines create a very appealing look. It would be great choice for modern or contemporary homes. It’s not a sophisticated piece, neither a very elaborate one, but still, it has a very interesting look and it’s also a very relaxing piece thanks to its massage fixture. So if you’re currently looking for a new bathtub for your home, consider this one. It’s a very good-looking piece and because it’s transparent it would look great in nay décor.

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