Funny bathtub drain caps

We all use bathrooms and we all have a bath and we like relaxing there and enjoying the time spent there before or after a hard day at work. That is why we make sure that everything around us in the bathroom is pleasant and we prepare for half an hour of total relaxation and comfort. Well, some people are merrier than others because this is their structure and they enjoy having a good laugh when this is possible. This type of people will surely love funny and sometimes crazy looking gadgets in the house. For example they will use funny bathtub drain caps to make them laugh or at least smile while having the bath.

The first example is called Help! Drain stopper and can be bought for about $9. It is available in multiple colours and looks very funny. It shows a hand reaching for help just like people do when they are in danger of drowning. Actually that is exactly the point – to imagine a person who is drowning because he got caught in the whirl of water draining from the bathtub. And, yes, even if this drain stopper is pink you must have a good sense of humour to taste this rather dark humour.

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This fish in the second picture has almost an identical story, except that instead of the hand now we can see the second half of a fish that looks being swept away by the draining water. I have to admit though that this Stuck goldfish bathtub plug stopper looks somehow cooler than the first one. I guess that explains the price, which is almost double than the first item – and this on Amazon.

And the last funny item on the list is the Suicide Bathtub plug by Alessi. It’s a miserable looking little man who chained himself to the drain plug as if intending to suicide. This little fellow is made of plastic , so to make things even funnier, he flows to the surface of the water when the bathtub is full, but is still stuck to the drain cap with his little chain.



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