Free standing bathtub from Agape Cartesio

Bathtubs are normally oval in shape – that is why I am puzzled when I see a totally rectangular bathtub which looks very well. The design is perfect and the bathtub flawless. But let’s see what makes it so special? First of all these bathtubs that are designed by Agape Cartesio are almost entirely made of natural materials, with the exception of some resins and polyesters. These freestanding bathtubs are amazing not only because of the shape and materials, but also because the exterior part of the bathtub offers you some place for depositing the necessary stuff like clean towels, shampoo, etc.

As you can see from the pictures, these bathtubs are available in two colors: white and light brown – the color of success. The designer, Agape Cartezio, must be a very hard working person who places everything in their way, but he is also very gifted. As for the size, it can be purchased for different  bathrooms, but it can hold two people at the same time comfortably.

So use it whenever you want to in order discover all its features and see if it was ok to spend so much money on it. Do not forget that if one thing has no practical value, it is considered useless. And this is basically practical.

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