Fogo bathroom collection by Duravit Italia

Choosing bathroom furniture for your home is a delicate subject. The bathroom is the most private and intimate area in the house and you want to emphasis that through the furniture. It has to be simple and functional. Decorations shouldn’t even be part of the conversation, as they have nothing to do with that space. The bathroom needs to be as airy, clean and simple as possible. Here’s a furniture collection that could help you achieve that intimate and cozy look you want.

The Fogo collection was designed by Duravit Italia and it’s a very elegant bathroom collection. It features very simple and elegant designs, as well as pleasant colors. The furniture pieces that are part of the Fogo collection have a very beautiful natural look, mostly because of the wood that was used in the process. Wood is a material that always inspires elegance and that also helps create a cozy, comfortable and inviting atmosphere. This is exactly how the bathroom should look like.

Until recently, wood has been avoided because of the nature of this material. The bathroom is usually a rough environment for wooden pieces because of all the steam and moisture. But nowadays that problem can be easily avoided by using a special type of wood. The Fogo collection features very practical and functional storage units, either fixed or mobile, as well as cabinets and sink units. All the pieces have been designed with a minimum of details, thus the minimalist look.

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