Flux_US Bathroom Furniture from Lasaidea

Flux_US collection from Lasaidea is an innovative design for storage which can be used anywhere in side your home as a cabinet. This wonderful ultramodern structure comes in all possible colors and can serve multiple functions. They are used in bathrooms for storage purpose and can serve as great styling materials for enhancing the luxurious looks of the bathroom. They are used as cabinets or cupboards in a bedroom also.

This collection features multiple designs for bathrooms. They examples presented here are different one from the other but they all have in common the modernity of the design and the functionality. These are some very good ideas of bathroom designs, for small spaces. The sets include beautiful and modern fixtures and the main elements are the storage cabinets and shelves.

Every bathroom needs some storage system. Usually this means you have to sacrifice quite a lot of space and this a problem, especially when you have a small bathroom. So here are some ideas of how you can solve that problem. These furniture collections provide you with a modern and very practical way of decorating your bathroom. There are several options for you to choose from. There are some simple designs, some colorful and fun ones and others that are a combination of these two. So analyze them carefully and pick your favorite.

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