Five Quirky Bathroom Accessories

Thanks to the rubber duck the bathroom has always been a place whereby it is acceptable to add quirky and fun additions. Of course the rubber duck was primarily introduced as a toy for children whilst in the bath. Nevertheless, it has taken on a symbolic nature and many bathrooms around the world use the amusing toy as a decoration. There have since been adaptions of the toy in forms of ornaments and bathroom furniture designs.

As time has moved on, we have been embracing other unusual concepts into our bathroom as well. For instance, there is the trend for using public restroom signs in our private bathroom.The possibilities are vast and if you want to add some fun and quirkiness into your bathroom, then take a look at the following five accessories…

London Underground Shower Curtain.

What better time to plan your next tube journey than when you are in the bath or the shower? You can mark out how you are going to get to the O2 Arena to watch your favourite musician or you can decipher your route to Oxford Street for a bit of shopping. The London Underground system is iconic and this is certainly one of the most unique bathroom accessories you will find. You can purchase this shower curtain for £35.00 from Bouf.

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Toilet Paper Sticker.

This wall sticker embodies everything that is fun, quirky, and different. We’ve all been there; you pull a piece of toilet roll and the whole thing seems to unravel. It’s extremely annoying. Yet this wall sticker sees the humorous side of things. Not only this, but the bright pink pop of colour adds liveliness and energy to the room too. If you are a fan then head to Made in Design where you will pay £43.30 for this quirky product.

Laundry Room Fluff & Fold Service Sign.

Vintage signs are soaring in popularity with regards to bathroom interior. They present you with the ideal way to add personality and character to your bathroom; something which is usually difficult to do. The great thing about this sign in particular is that you can choose between different colours and fitting options.

In regards to the latter you can either choose to receive a wall mounting kit or a cream hanging rope. Furthermore, the colour options are as follows; vintage distressed cream, distressed charcoal black, ocean blue, washed denim blue, and washed olive green. This means that there is a sign for all styles of bathroom. And last but not least, this Laundry Room Fluff & Fold Service Sign will only cost you £22.00 and is available from Bouf.

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Toilet Wall Sticker.

If you are someone with a taste for funny decor then this wall sticker is going to be right up your street. It will provide your guests with a laugh whenever they use your toilet for the first time, and everyone knows that smiles and giggles generate a positive atmosphere. Your bathroom will provoke playfulness before you have even opened the door. The price of the sticker depends on the size you purchase; small – £7.99, medium – £10.99, and large – £16.99. Just head to DAO Graphics to get yours.

James Pond Bathroom Duck .

This list would not be complete without a rubber duck. ‘James Pond’ offers a brilliant twist on the popular James Bond films. This suave and sophisticated duck will add fun and playfulness to any bathroom. The duck is available for a mere £5.50 from Ziggi Ziggi. They have a collection of others available too, including; Punk Duck, Diamante Duck, Ducktannia Deluxe Duck, Sue Ducku Duck, and Darling Duck. You can definitely take the fun factor to extraordinary levels with your very own duck family.



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