Five Bathroom Sinks for the Corner

Bathrooms are very important in your home design and I admit I considered the size and design of the bathroom when I purchased my house. Well, not all the bathrooms are big enough to allow you to place there huge luxurious bathtubs or jacuzzi or whatever you might think of for the bathroom. So here is one great idea of saving space in your bathroom: place the sink in a corner. Even if you did not know it, there are special models of sink that are created specially for being placed in a bathroom corner.

Don’t they all look great? No matter if they are made of porcelain, brass or copper, these bathroom corner sinks are unique and beautiful and if you use them you will make the most of your bathroom. This model has a round sink, but the place where you fix the faucet id square and fit for the corner, while this one (shown in the first picture) is elegant ans stylish with a long thin pedestal. You can find many similar models on eBay and get a very good price if you are lucky.


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