Find The Perfect Towel Bar For Your Bathroom

Decorating a bathroom is just as difficult as in the case of any other room. You have to rely on your personal preferences and to feel free to choose whatever you like and want but you’re also limited by certain elements. There are strict elements that need to be included in a bathroom and that cannot be changed.

For example, besides the main pieces such as the sink and shower unit or bathtub, there are also smaller details that need to be incorporated into the décor. They include items such as the towel bar or the shower caddy that are a must-have in any bathroom. This time we’re only focusing on towel bars so we’ve made a selection of several models that would look beautiful in modern bathrooms.

Ordinary towel bar turned into an accent piece using crystals

Depending on the size of your bathroom, the towel bar can either be a large piece or a small piece, integrated in the design of the bathroom furniture. By opting for the latter you can save space in the bathroom and you can avoid drilling holes in the walls.

Wall-mounted, metal towel bar with several levels

Freestanding towel bars, on the other hand, are more versatile. They can be placed anywhere and they also help some space. For example, you can install the towel bar above the toilet or at one end of the bathtub, on the wall. The idea is to use space that would otherwise remain unused.

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Sleek towel bar integrated into the shower unit’s design
Simple, wall-mounted towel bar for a clean and fresh lookParallel towel bars also used as accent piecesTwo-in-one towel bar with incorporates storage shelfMinimalist, space-saving towel bar for modern bathroomsBamboo ladder turned into an innovative towel rackLong, minimalist towel bar incorporated into the vanity’s designPaddle turned into an original towel barWrought iron stand used as a towel rack

You can also save space and maintain the minimalism of the bathroom by attaching the towel bar to the door of the shower unit. Another option is to use towel bars with additional storage space incorporated in their design. For example, some feature a shelf on the upper part where additional towels can be placed. If you the space and your bathroom is large you can also make the towel bar an accent piece by choosing a more sophisticated and eye-catching design. Let’s take a look at the examples and apply these ideas.

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