Exclusive Designs Worthy Of Luxury Bathrooms Everywhere

It’s not hard to spot a luxury bathroom. You basically know it when you see it, even if you don’t really know what are the elements that make a bathroom look luxurious and sophisticated in the first place. Every time it’s different and every time it’s a special set of design characteristics and elements that fulfill the role of focal points for the space. But enough theory and philosophizing for now. Let’s have a look at some specific luxury bathrooms to see what makes them special.

A marble bathroom has a lot of potential for looking sophisticated and luxurious regardless of the style. Of course, how much marble is in a bathroom is up to the designer to decide. Antolini offers some really amazing examples in this case, like this one for instance.

For a lot of the luxury bathrooms designed by Antolini it’s basically marble everywhere: on the floor, the walls, the counters and in the shower. You’d think such a simple design approach would result in a rather boring or perhaps overwhelming decor but the key here is finding the right balance between all these surfaces and all the patterns, colors and types of marble involved in the project.

Every block of marble is unique just like every piece of wood is one-of-a-kind. It’s one of nature’s amazing creations. The Invisible Gray exclusive collection by Antolini explores all these details and allows us to make the most of this material’s natural elegance in the form of a luxury bathroom setup.

A crystal bathroom vanity or washbasin is one of the elements guaranteed to give the space a sophisticated and even opulent look, if this is what you’re going for. If you like the idea, be sure to check out the Crystal collection from Bianchini & Capponi. It includes some really eye-catching designs suitable for any luxury bathroom.

There’s another element that we’d like to focus on right now: the bathroom tile, more exactly some of the less common design ideas which involve bathroom tiles. Glasspoint offers some truly exquisite designs, like this wonderful bathroom tile mural depicting a ballerina.

A luxury bathroom might also be characterized by an overall simplification of all its features and increased user-friendliness. The Cristina System is a step in that direction. This is a system designed by greatly simplify the installation procedures of all wall-mounted taps for showers and bathtubs.

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The choice of sink or washbasin can also send a message regarding your luxury bathroom. Here you can see the Ramada countertop washbasin which is hand beveled and has a very refined look. There are also other similarly stunning designs to choose from, like the Ice Round or the Mosaic, all from Glass Design.

As far as the sink of a luxury bathroom is concerned, one product stands out from all the rest. We’re talking about the Introverso sink by Antonio Lupi. It’s more than a sink. It’s a sculpture, a work of art.

This amazing sink was designed by Paolo Ulian for antoniolupi and is basically a sculpture concealed inside a block of stone.

The sink is a sculpture in marble. It was created through a series of cuts done by a numerical controlled machine. These cuts outline the three-dimensional shape of the sink, the raw sculpture inside the marble block.

What’s special and beautiful about this sink is that it lets us see the shape inside the shape. Also, the design has a mystical, secretive nature which is very alluring. As the marble block loses its monolithic appearance, it’s transformed into something completely unique.

The Silenzio sink is another very special product designed for luxury bathrooms. Its design is unusual and exclusive, featuring an organic form inspired by water. The sink is installed flush with the wall, as if it naturally emerges out of it. The sinuous form inspires continuity and puts an emphasis on the fluid and delicate but also powerful nature of water.

Featuring a design inspired by the shape of a tree stump, the Eden sink is quite special and not only because of that but also because of the fact that it’s made of cast aluminum which gives it a wonderful fluidity and helps to maintain the organic shape while being suited for the task it needs to perform.

In a way, the tub is the bathroom equivalent of the bed, being the largest fixture in the room and most often a must-have. That being said, turning the tub into a focal point seems like a wonderful idea, especially in the case of a luxury bathroom where you have options such as the Koi bathtub. It has an aged brushed brass base and a beautiful patina. The exterior is decorated with scales reminiscent of the Japanese Koi carp.

Looking at some of these products you’re probably imagining that the remodel cost of a luxury bathroom would be very high. While that can definitely be true in some cases, it’s not necessarily a general rule. It’s possible to keep the cost low by focusing on some of the small pieces, the accessories such as the wall mirror or the sconces. Here, for example, you can see the Bronx mirror displayed above a Diamond vanity, complemented by two Burj wall lamps. Perhaps you could find your own winning combo.

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The style chosen for the interior design of a bathroom has a lot to do with the ambiance created inside the space. A baroque bathroom, for example, would naturally look opulent, refined and sophisticated. The Crochet washbasin featured in this image is one of the best examples in this case. It goes really well with the Apollo mirror.

Ornamentation is important for most luxury bathroom but it has to be just right. Too much of it can ruin the whole space. The Baltimora collection can be a wonderful source of inspiration in this sense, showing a perfect blend of simple forms and refined detailing.

The white matt lacquered finish is beautiful complemented by the exquisite gold ornamentation and the result is a very elegant bathroom with a classical and sophisticated allure and just the right amount of luxury.

Floating shelves are, as we already mentioned on numerous occasions, extremely practical not just in bathrooms but also in pretty much any room of the house. You can see here a series of glass shelves complemented by a matching side table and an entire wall unit with open storage and display modules. It’s one of the designs proposed by Laufen.

The bathroom shower plays its own role in giving this space a totally unique and interesting look. The Horizontal Shower is perhaps the most unconventional one of all. As the name suggests, you have to lie down horizontally when using it as opposed to standing up like you’d expect in most cases.

A wall-hung toilet can offer many advantages such as easy cleaning and maintenance, a more open and spacious look and even a more refined and sophisticated appearance. In the case of luxury bathrooms like this one from Ceramica Flaminia this detail also helps to put an emphasis on the beauty of the marble floor.



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