Estrellas Ceramic Talavera Mexican Tile

When you have a bath or a shower you want to  be relaxed and enjoy it, so that the bath will be a pleasant experience, as well as  a practical one. Any way, ever since the Roman Empire people realized that it is better to have tiles in the bathroom because this way the floor and the walls will not be damaged and the water spilled on the floor and splashed on the walls can be easily wiped out so as to prevent mold from appearing. Here is a suggestion of what tiles to use in your bathroom: the nice and shiny Estrella ceramic Talavera Mexican tile.

As I was saying, if you want a pleasant bathroom, you can use the tile patterns and models to make it enjoyable, for example using these tiles covered with white stars on a dark blue sky. You will feel like being in heaven or bathing under the stars. These tiles are entirely handmade and they use clay that is modeled, fired and then lacquered and painted and burnt again for a better resistance and durability. So start making the measurements for your bathroom and order the right number of tiles, each for the price of $1.55.

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