Embroidered Dragonflies Shower Curtain

The English language is rather tricky sometimes, combining two words with a totally different meaning and giving them a new one, totally unexpected. Let’s take butterfly for example – it comes from “butter” and “fly” and I am not sure if this makes any sense. Or dragon fly. It is supposed to be a fly that looks like a dragon. It’s hard to say this little delicate insect is in any way similar to a dragon, but if we reduce size and think small maybe if I were a fly I could say a dragon fly is similar to one. Any way, this insect is said to fly the fastest of all insects and looks pretty interesting. No wonder designers use dragonflies as inspiration for the patterns they put on different items like shower curtains for example.

This Embroidered Dragonflies Shower Curtain looks incredibly, all simple in design and still seeming very nice and classy, beautiful and useful at the same time. I know it is only a shower curtain, but it adds personality to any room. It is made of 100% organic combed cotton percale, which is quite an interesting choice considering cotton absorbs water instead of repelling it. But it is all natural and organic and does not have any chemicals in it unlike polyester or plastic. The shower curtain can now be purchased for $99.

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