Elongated Vs. Round Toilet: Which is Superior?

When it comes to your home, your bathroom is just as important as any other room. It may be fun to talk about showers and tubs, but it can be embarrassing to talk about different types of toilets. But that’s silly.

We need to normalize the discussion of everything. The more that we learn, the better our lives will be. About everything in life, yes, even toilets! So today, let’s learn about the differences between an elongated and round toilet. 

Elongated Vs. Round Toilet

Elongated Vs. Round Toilet

There are two primary shapes of toilet bowls. There is a round toilet that is nearly circular and an elongated toilet that is quite a bit longer than the standard. Both are quite popular with the elongated one growing in popularity. 

But learning the differences between them isn’t as simple as recognizing that they are different shapes. Learning the differences can help you find other ways to be more confident in your decision for a toilet. 

Elongated Vs. Round Toilet: Size

Elongated toilet bowls are oval-shaped and have a length of about 18.5 inches while round toilet bowls are circular with a length of about 16.5 inches. This can vary slightly but these are the common lengths.

When it comes to width, both elongated and round toilets are the same. Around 15-inches is common with this not varying very much. This is for the toilet bowl, not the bottom of the toilet which varies greatly. 

Elongated Vs. Round Toilet: Family

Consider your family when picking out round or elongated toilets. If you have a house with only adults, then an elongated toilet is probably more comfortable for your family. But if you have kids, things will be different.

Round toilets are usually more comfortable for kids. They are also usually lower to the ground which makes them better for kids in general. But you won’t notice a huge difference either way with comfort.

Elongated Vs. Round Toilet: Aesthetic 

Which toilet do you like the look of the best? This may be just as important as anything else. Because each bathroom has its own needs and each family has its own design preferences. Both of these need to come together. 

Not everyone believes that round toilets are better for farmhouses or elongated toilets are better for modern houses. It all depends on what you feel goes well with each design style and which toilet you like. 

Elongated Vs. Round Toilet: Space

Both toilets are the same width, give or take, but they are different lengths. If you have a small space then you may want to consider a round toilet. If you have more room then an elongated toilet could work well.

But it isn’t just more or less space that matters, it’s the type of space. Keeping things symmetrical can be important. If you have a lot of other oval or rectangular shapes in the bathroom, a round toilet may not look as good. 

Elongated Vs. Round Toilet: Price

The price of the elongated toilet and round toilet aren’t all that different. The average price for the elongated toilet may be around $200 with the average price for a round toilet being slightly less but possible around $150.

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That said, you can get either of them for under $100 if you go to the right stores. So this really all depends on the stores and the brands that you shop for because the shape won’t make too much of a difference. 

Elongated Vs. Round Toilet: Surround 

If you are building in your own home, then there shouldn’t be any regulations. But to give you an idea of what the ADA recommended, let us take a look that the rules for non-residential buildings regarding toilet space. 

At least 21 inches of free space between the toilet bowl and the front wall is needed. This is when the extra space for the elongated toilet may not be ideal. Because you also need two inches behind the toilet. 

Elongated Vs. Round Toilet: Installation 

Installing an elongated toilet is just like installing a round toilet. In fact, you can actually replace one with the other. The ring underneath will be the same so you can choose one toilet and change your mind later. 

When it comes to installing a toilet, it is almost always best to hire a plumber. Although plumbers can be expensive, this is a one-time job that shouldn’t cost more than a couple of hundred dollars to get done. 

Other Toilet Considerations 

There are a few other things that you need to think about whenever you buy a new toilet. Some of these things are upgrades while others are simply options that are equal to the original standard toilet.

Let us take a look at some of these options. While most toilets come with a full set, especially if you are buying the price-efficient option, you can customize your own toilet to become perfect for your family.


The toilet lever can make a huge difference in the aesthetics of your toilet. But it’s more than that. A stronger lever can ensure that your toilet flushes perfectly each time. Replacing it can do your toilet wonders.

But of course, it really is the unique look that it adds that really inspires people to change them. Levers come in all shapes and sizes, some with best-selling amazing designs, some with custom designs that you create yourself. 


Bidets aren’t just for rich houses anymore. These unique contraptions are now affordable for families with any budget. There are many different types of bidets and most of them work wonderfully, even for skeptics.

Because a lot of people are skeptics, you really have to try them for yourself before finding out if you like them or not. You can’t say that you don’t like them until you try them. That’s when you can make your decision. 


Lights in the toilet bowl or even near the floor can come in very handy during the nighttime hours. This is especially important for kids who struggle to use the bathroom at night or those who are frightened at night.

Lights can make the experience exciting and can also help when you clean the bathroom. Not to mention, the right type of toilet bowl lights can look amazing. Just be careful to ensure they don’t look tacky. 

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The flusher shouldn’t be confused with the lever. When I say flusher here, I mean the flushing mechanic of the toilet. Some flushers are gravity flushers while others are pressure-flushers. There are about a dozen different types.

Most of the time, this doesn’t matter. But did you know that toilets are meant to be closed when you flush them? Because many droplets of bacteria can actually spring out from the bowl when you flush with a normal flusher. 


Toilet skirting can refer to two things. A literal skirt that is placed around the toilet to make it look nice and seal it. Or, what we are referring to today, the style of the bottom of the toilet, which looks like a skirt.

The skirting of the toilet matters primarily due to your own personal preference. Some people like toilets that are nearly square and come straight down from the bowl while others prefer a definite curve. 


Many people are deciding to mount their toilets for many reasons. Mounted toilets take up less space than toilets that aren’t mounted. They also are easier to keep clean because you can sweep and mop under them.

You will see mounted toilets often in public restrooms. But don’t let that deter you. There are also some rather nice, high-end toilets that can really make your bathroom look much nicer than it would with a standard toilet. 


Going hands-free is one of the best ways to stay clean and protected from germs. Hands spread more germs than anything else in your house possibly could. So going hands-free with flushing and closing the lid is perfect.

You can do so by getting a remote-compatible toilet. These can be quite pricey, but they are cheaper than smart toilets that do the same thing. An even better way to stop the spread is to get an automatic toilet. 

Other Shapes

Although these two types of toilets are the most popular, elongated and round toilets aren’t the only options. You can get square toilets and reverse-oval toilets which aren’t popular but are definitely unique. 

But if you want to stick to the standard, safe toilet then go with the round or elongated. These can match any type of design style and are very affordable. They are also readily available at any store that sells toilets. 

Should I Get An Elongated Or Round Toilet?

Should I Get An Elongated Or Round Toilet? 

Your final decision is ultimately up to you. You can use these tips to help guide you but in the end, go with your instincts because they are usually correct. Information can change instincts, but make the new instincts more prominent. 

So take this information and decide what you think is best for your home. You may want an elongated toilet that is classy and mounted. Or you may want a simple round smart toilet that comes with a bidet.



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