Elegant washbasin and toiletry cabinet

This modern design was created and designed by Meneghello Paolelli. The name of the washbasin unit with mirror is Vanity. It is called vanity because it has a very prestigious look and I think it will sparkle in your bathroom with grace. It has a diameter of 120 on top where it has a mirror and a washing space and a lot of space to fit your bathroom things. The Vanity washbasin with mirror is from the collection line of Ypsilon from Padova,Italy.

The Vanity washbasin unit with mirror could go perfectly in your bathroom as well as in your dressing room where you can get dressed and then find the correct makeup for your chosen clothes. It has a beautiful clean white color and a great design, I think it looks more like a table and in this way it has a dual use.

The beautiful modern washbasin has two finishes. The first one is made from white, including the mirror support, and the second one is a combination of white and chrome that gives a more beautiful shinning color to your space. This Vanity washbasin has storage boxes where your stuff will fit perfectly. In its form the designer incorporated a beautiful round mirror that can rotate in many directions depending on your position. The Vanity washbasin will be shown at the Salone Internazionale del Bagno this year. Make your life easier with this beautiful washbasin and you will find joy and relaxation with it.

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