Elegant Vintage Style Shower by Drummonds

Taking a shower is a way of getting clean, fresh and relaxed. After a nice shower you will feel easier and more peaceful.Your bathroom will get an elegant and refined style with this type of shower and you will feel the touch of those old times full of glamour and beauty.

The shower designed by Drummonds is a combination of art and practicality. The showerhead design reminds you of the refinement of old times when the decorative elements and the sparkling accents impressed everyone of us. Its vintage style creates an elegant and relaxing atmosphere which offers you peaceful moments of refreshment.

The vintage style has always reminded us of high quality, elegance and refinement. It is a type which is based on warm, symmetry and art. The vintage objects are a bridge between classic and modern, between past and present. They can be included among the modern objects and will underline the elegant and refined style.


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