Elegant Vintage Bathroom Suites by Regia

I have seen many modern and classy bathroom furniture pieces and collections and I have to say that vintage seems to be the least popular. The vintage bathroom design is very unique and calm, the style does not seem to be as common as its modern and contemporary counterparts.


These vintage bathroom suites by Regia in a bathroom will bring calmness and elegance. The Regia uses a combination of their contemporary, clean lines and throwback silhouettes. The suites comes in classic combinations of black or white and red or white make these sinks, tubs and toilets pop.


People tend to treat the rooms of their home differently when it comes to redecoration. The bathroom is often the one treated with least attention. The owners often think that the bathroom is not as important as the bedroom or the living room, so it’s not hard to choose some furniture for that room. And they often rush and choose whatever is more convenient or whatever they find first, and I really think that is a mistake.







The bathroom is as important as any other room of the house so it should be treated equally. That is why I strongly recommend you to at least take a look at this collection, because it’s not something that you see every day and maybe it’s the right choice for your bathroom.

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