Elegant Decorado Wash Basins by Bathco

A modern and elegant person will always choose a black and white contrast. These elegant nuances will increase the idea of refinement and beauty.For those who appreciate all these elements the elegant Decorado Wash Basins designed by Bathco are an excellent option for their bathroom design.

All these models present themselves in different shapes and combinations of the same black and white contrast and floral pattern. Most of can be installed as top-counter or wall mounted basins depending on the space that is available and the interior décor you would like to create.

The floral pattern will add some joy and life to the whole décor so that you will appreciate the sweetness of their image. Usually the image of flowers makes us more sensitive and makes us feel closer to nature and its beauties. The same effect will have this floral pattern that will make you love the choice that you have made adding to your bathroom an elegant and beautiful wash basin.

Decorado Wash Basins are perfect for a modern and stylish bathroom and for those who appreciate refinement and elegance. Its elegant lines and the exquisite design will transform your bathroom into a wonderful décor which will attract you to come here as often as possible.

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